Official launch of my debut novel!


After seven years of effort, my debut novel is finally here.
New York Fried, the first in the Tales of the Artichoke Hart series, is a spy thriller full of international intrigue, suspense, character shenanigans, and a little humour.

You can get a digital copy right now, immediately downloadable, to read on your Kindle, smartphone, tablet or computer. It’s priced at just $2.99!

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Here’s the back cover trailer:

In 2012, President Obama signed an executive order mandating that during a national emergency, Homeland Security will take over all communications.

But the telecommunications giants control the switch.

Until now.

Foreign delegates descend upon a small town in upstate New York to view the “next big thing”. It allows nationwide access to the internet, without cable, phone lines, or wireless towers. And it’s virtually free!

Some seek to license it. Others want to steal it. But one man has a much bolder plan.

A former CIA staffer turned chef is unwittingly charged with preventing America’s first nationwide blackout. And his solution is a recipe to die for.



Investing in Student Housing



If you have extra investment money and you’re looking for a secure, high return vehicle, then grab a copy of this book. A REALTOR(R) who has bought and sold over $15 million dollars worth of student housing shows you exactly how to pick the right house, at the right time, for the right price.

Available in Kindle and Trade Paperback  Amazon

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Sold Strategies (US & Canada Edition) : The Cheapest, Safest & Smartest ways to SELL YOUR HOME!

kindle cover

The Canadian book was so successful that it was edited and expanded to work in the United States also. This edition was published two years after the first one and includes US MLS information.

There are only two ways to sell your home: with an agent, or privately. The method you choose depends upon whether you want to be cheap, safe, or smart. This book discusses every aspect of the selling process, including the loopholes in the system that allow you to save thousands of dollars in commissions!

Available in Kindle and Trade Paperback at Amazon

The Barre Chord Approach: Learn to play guitar in 30 days!

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A fast, uncomplicated guide for learning rhythm guitar. By learning the basic root chords for each key of music, then applying the Barre Chord approach to them, the reader can eventually turn that knowledge into every chord ever used in any song! Within 30 days, you’ll be playing any song ever written…PLUS You’ll be able to write your own songs!

Available in Trade Paperback at Amazon

Sold Strategies: The Cheapest, Safest, and Smartest ways to SELL YOUR HOME in Canada!

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There are only two ways to sell your home in Canada: privately, or via an agent. Sold Strategies shows you how to list your home on the MLS without using an agent. It shows you how to prepare your home to attract the most Buyers. It shows you how to market your home to the most number of people… and much more!

Written by a real estate agent, the information is timely, accurate, and enlightening! If you put up a sign on the lawn, an ad in the paper, and your cell # in the ad…. the odds of selling your home are similar to winning a lottery. To sell privately, you have to know how the system works–so that you can use the system to your advantage.

The first three chapters discuss the cheapest, safest, and smartest ways to sell your home. The last four chapters tell you how to get your home in front of buyers, how to stage it so that it appeals to the majority of buyers, and how to market your home so that agents help you sell it.

Available in Kindle and Trade Paperback at Amazon

Buck Tradition – The Smartest Way to Sell Your Home in Canada!

Want to sell a home in Canada? Don’t read US-based texts; The info is often useless, even illegal, in Canada. Learn how to access the MLS(R) without hiring an agent. Learn how to prepare your house to achieve the fastest and highest priced sale. Learn how to stage your house without spending thousands of dollars. Using common sense and a few tricks of the trade will ensure Buyers will flock to your negotiating table. Learn how to manipulate the Canadian real estate monopoly and save thousands on commissions! tags:(real estate, for sale by owner, sell quick, home selling, sell your home)

Available in Kindle ebook and trade paperbook editions at Amazon